Dyestuff Project. [1978-80]

Aleppo, Syria.
Tablet, Liquid [1990-91]

Capsule, Ointment [1990-91]

Bectalactum (Tablet, Capsule, Dry Injectable, Dry Syrup) [1990-91]

Cephalosporin (Capsule, Dry Syrup) [1990-91]

Cephalosporin Injectable (under licence form Bristol/Meyer, Medinova & Eli Lily

Liquid Injectable. [1993]

Equipment Inspection - Cephalosporin Block [1997]

Hormones-Tablet (1998-99)

Liquid Vials, Ophthalmic & Soft Gelatin [2000-2001]

Damascus, Syria.
Export of machinery for Veterinary Products Bolus, Powder & Inectable [1992-93]

Planning of area layout and equipment layout for tablet & Betalactum [1995]

Sana'a, Yemen.
Liquid Oral, Mouth Wash, and Antiseptic. [1998-99]

Damascus, Syria.
Ampoule & Ophthalmic
Cephalosporin (Tablet, Capsule, Dry syrup, Dry Injectable)
Tablet, Capsule, Liquid, Stores & QCL

Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Veterinary (Powder, Liquid, Ointment) [2002-03]