Indian Dyestuffind. Bombay.
Aluminium Chloride Plant. [1967-68]

Germen Remedies Ltd. Bombay.
Injectable, Bulk Drug Plant,
QC &R&D Laboratory [1969-74]

IPCA Laboratories Ltd. Bombay. [1981-91]
Planned Pharmaceutical Factory at Nigeria. (Visited Nigeria & Europe for selection of Machinery).
- Bulk Drug Factory.
- Engineering & Pharma Factory.
- Bulk Drug Plant.
- Injection Dept.
- Office Building (Interior design).
- Modification of Q.C.L.
- R & D Laboratory.
- Modification of Pharmaceutical Factory Building.
- Stores Building.

Telestar Labs Ltd. Ratnagiri [1987-88]
Pharmaceutical Factory

Unique Labs. Thane [1987]
Effluent Treatment Plant.

Akaar Print & Pack. Bombay[1987-88]
Setup Printing Press

Aksahya Hospital & Research Center.
Hospital Projec

Remed Laboratories Ltd. Bangalor [1994]
Liquid Injectable,Dry Injectable & Soft Gelatin.

Jawa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Delhi [1995]
Liquid & Injectable.

Strides Pharmaceuticals. Bangalore[1996]
Tablet, Capsule, Soft Gelatin & QCL.

Agog Pharma Ltd. Thane
(Uni-1)[1996] - Tablet, Capsule, Liquid, Ointment & QCL

Cosme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Goa [1997]
Liquid Injectable (vial & ampoules) & QCL.

Makers Laboratories Ltd. Palghar[1998] Table,Capsule, Liquid, Ointment & QCL.

Exon Laboratories Ltd. Mahad [1998]
Bulk Drug Plant.

Indi Pharma. Goa[1998]

IPCA Laboratories Ltd. Kandla.[1999]

Betalactum(Tablet, Capsule & Dry Syrup)& QCL

IPCA Laboratories Ltd. Ratlam.[1999]
Planning of Table Block

Agog Pharma Ltd. Thane (Unit-2)[2002-03]Tablet, Capsule, Liquid, Dry syrup, Stores & QCL