Flame Proof Photometer MK-I and MK-III enable speedy and accurate estimation of minute quantities of Sodium(Na), Potassium(K) ,Calcium(Ca) and Lithium(Li). Based on very simple process, these instruments eliminate the difficult and laborious process involved in classical chemical methods. Analytical laboratories in the following fields would find them of great use: Agriculture, Medicine, Biochemistry, Cement, Ceramic, Plastics, Fertilizers, Food, Water Analysis, Geology, Metallurgy, Oil Refining.

The solution under analysis is sprayed as a fine mist into a non luminous flame which becomes coloured according to the characteristics emission of the metal. Wavelengths, corresponding to the element being analysed, are selected by a narrow band optical filter and are allowed to fall on a photodetector, whose output is a measure of concentration of the element. The output of the photodetector is connected to a electronic metering unit to provide a read-out.

The total system consists of : 1) Burner unit, 2) Compressor unit, and 3) Electronic metering unit. The burner unit is really the main unit of the flame photometer, consisting of an atomizer, mixing chamber, burner, optical lens & filters, photodetector, and control valves. To cater to the different sensitive requirements of end-users, We provide two different models of electronic metering unit used, the total system is classified in two categories : MK-I and MK-III.

Supplied : (i) Na & K Filters.
(ii) Instruction manual
Optional(at extra cost) : Li and Ca Filters.