The well known Polarimeter Model RSP-1 & 3 from a suitable companion instrument for the refractometer, indeed, it should be side by side in the laboratory whereas the refractometer gives the total solids present in a sugar solution. The polarimeter discriminates between right handed sugars such as sucrose, and left handed sugars such as levulose, etc.


Polarimeter 220mm is an improved optical system in which the half shadow system is in front, at the circle end of the instrument. The following additional advantages are then available :
1. Permanent focus : that is to say, once the dividing line is focused to suit the eye this focus is never disturbed by inserting tubes of sugar or other solutions, regardless of the fact that they may be completely homogenous, or of the length of the tube.
2. Permanent good definition even with difficult liquids.
3. The half shadow system rotates with the circle thus affording immediate indication of the direction of rotation of the material being examined.


Scales : Angular 0.3600 subdivided to 10 Micrometer drum enable direct reading
to 0.50 and by estimation to 0.20.
Sugar :30 to +130 ISS Micrometer drum enables resding to .01 sugar degree
directly and to 0.5 sugar degree by estimation.
Source :SODIUM LAMP 35 Watts. White light can be upto 120.


Polarimeter, 220 M.M., This model is having the following additional advantages :
1. The optics and triple field shadow are fabricated with imported glass and Quartz.
2. The triple shadow system is better to comprise the field illumination at the time of Measurement.(reading)
3. The international sugar scale range is higher i.e. -130 to +130.
4. Vernier Micrometer graduation is more to take the reading in more accuracy.