• Separated heating & controlling chamber. (NEW MODEL)
  • Asbestos-Free construction.
  • Power saving upto 60% due to quick heating.
  • Muffle furnace upto 12000C.
  • Choice control system.
  • A range of popular sizes.

Our Furnaces are excellent in performance over a long period of time and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Muffle furnaces give trouble free performance at substantially high temperature i.e. 1000 - 12000C.
These muffle Furnaces are available in two models, viz. 10000C model and 12000C model.


Furnace Case : For Muffle and crucible furnaces case is fabricated from CRCA sheet of heavy gauge in compact size. Finish painted with heat resistant hammerton paint.

Heating Element : Best quality well known, High grade resistant wire Kanthal is used for fabricating the heating elements of these Furnaces. It is helically wound externally on to ceramic muffle to give optimum temperature uniformity and sealed with a special refractory.

Insulation : High quality low thermal mass material ceramic fibres (INDWOOL/CERWOOL/MINERALWOOL) are chosen to give maximum thermal efficiency.

Temperature control : temperature is controlled by energy regulator. Furnace is supplied with pyrometer (for indication of temperature) Cr/Al thermocouple, compensation cable and thermal fuse.

Optionals at Extra Cost (Control System) :

  • Blind temperature controller.
  • Digital temperature controller.
  • Digital temperature controller with audio alarm which sounds when a set temperature is reached and also protects your incubating samples for temperature fluctuations.
  • Microprocessor based profile program :-
  • Extremely precise control of temperature is achieved.
  • Different cycles of TIME Vs TEMPERATURE (Rate of Rise Rate of Fall) can be4 obtained. A product of state of the art technology very usefull in research work.