This apparatus is designed for determination of durability of tablets and is used in quality control laboratories of Pharmaceutical Industries. The rate of abrasion and impact hardness of the tablets can be determined by using this equipment.

The unit is equipped with two transparent acrylic drums, which rotate at a fixed speed, a superior quality timer, pilot lamp and mains switch. Each of the two acrylic drums are provided with an arm which carries the tablets along with it upto a predetermined height and allows them to fall from the specified height, while the drums are rotating. With necessary arrangement, on request, the drums can be tilted at 10o angle. The built-in timer can set the number of rotations.

The main feature of this unit is that it incorporates a special constant speed sturdy motor to drive the drums. The speed of the drums is maintained absolutely constant at 25 RPM. If required, instrument with other fixed speeds such as 30 RPM etc, can be supplied on request. The cabinet of the unit is having Chemical Resistant Epoxy Powder coated finish, The unit works on 23O Volts, AC mains supply.


This apparatus is similar to Model: TF-2, but equipped with a single drum to conduct one test instead of two. This single drum version apparatus is having all specifications as per Model: TF-2, except it is having single test facility.