• Programmable Microprocessor Based Circuit for accurate and reliable functions. Simple feather touch keyboard for operations.
  • Bright 4 lines informative LCD Display to indicate Test Parameters like Temperature, Time Duration etc.
  • Advanced Sensitive Circuit for water bath, provides uniform and constant temperature.

This digital instrument is designed for accurate estimation of disintegration time of tablets as per IP/USP Standards. The disintegration test determines whether tablets disintegrate within a prescribed time, when placed in a liquid medium under the specific experimental conditions.

This sophisticated microprocessor based programmable instrument is having many unique features. It is equipped with a broad bright LCD screen to display the test parameters. The advanced microprocessor circuitry, precisely controls the temperature of the water bath and number of strokes for disintegration test.

The digital alphanumeric 4 lines LCD screen displays various important messages, regarding the temperature of the water bath. Initially when the heating of water bath is started and beakers in the water bath are warming up, instrument displays corresponding messages. Disintegration baskets move in these beakers and the desired temperature of the test is critically and accurately maintained. The smart display indicates set temperature, actual temperature and the 'ON/OFF' state of the heater. The desired temperature can be set with the help of user friendly informative keyboard. The instrument is equipped with a dependable and sensitive platinum temperature sensor.

Two baskets each with six glass tubes, six guided discs, with clamps, designed as per IP/USP specifications, along with two nos. of 1000 cc beakers are provided with the instrument. The beakers containing disintegration media are maintained at constant temperature, by the water bath.

The circuit accurately displays the disintegration time, which is also an important parameter of the test. The disintegration time of the tablets can be set as desired. After the starting of the test, the display simultaneously indicates both set and actual elapsed time of the test. Thus instrument can be programmed for desired disintegration time by using feather touch keyboard. During the test, the status of the tablets can be checked with the help of 'PAUSE-KEY facility provided without disturbing the test parameters. The apparatus will stop automatically with audio alarm, after the completion of the disintegration time set for the test.

The apparatus is equipped with a superior quality sturdy motor, to drive disintegration baskets, 'UP & DOWN', at constant speed. The strokes length is set and maintained as per IP/USP specifications. The instrument is assembled in a sturdy chemical resistant powder coated cabinet. The unit works on 230 V, 50 Hz, and single phase AC supply.dual tests facility.