• Simple and sturdy apparatus.
  • Sensitive Thermostats to control constant temperature of the test.
  • The apparatus is equipped with superior quality sturdy motor to maintain constant speed of DT strokes.

This instrument is designed for accurate estimation of disintegration time of tablets as per IP/USP Standards. The apparatus is suitable for Quality Control and Research & Development Laboratories of Pharmaceutical Industries.

The disintegration test determines whether tablets disintegrate within a prescribed time, when placed in a liquid medium under specific experimental conditions.

This is a very simple and easy-to-operate sturdy instrument. The apparatus is designed to test two batches of six tablets, simultaneously. The front panel of the a apparatus consists of two heater controllers, motor & main switches and respective pilot lamps, The instrument is assembled in Chemical resistant epoxy powder coated cabinet. Two stainless steel housings are heated with special sealed bottom heaters. The desired test temperature is controlled and maintained by sensitive thermostats. Two beakers having capacity 1000 cc each are provided with the instrument. In these beakers suitable disintegration media can be taken and maintained at constant temperature.

A superior quality constant speed motor moves the Disintegration Test Baskets 'UP & DOWN', at constant speed, as required. The stroke length is set and maintained as per IP/USP specifications. Two baskets each with six glass tubes, guided discs with clamps are provided with the apparatus as per IP/USP specifications.

The baskets move 'UP & DOWN' with each stroke in the beakers in which liquid media is maintained at constant temperature, as per IP/USP test specifications. By observing the state of the tablets, disintegration time of the tablets, can be easily determined. The unit works on 220/230 Volts, 50 Hz, single phase AC supply.


This double basket apparatus is equipped with constant temperature waterbath, in which disintegration beakers are kept. The temperature of the waterbath is precisely controlled by sensitive thermostat. The apparatus is having all special features as per Model: DT-2.


This single basket apparatus is equipped with stainless steel housing, heated with sealed bottom heater. This single test version is having all special features as per Model: DT-2, except the double or dual tests facility.