Chambers are specially designed to carry out stability and shelf life test on drug and drug substance according to guidelines and manufactured as per GMP regulations.


  • Double walled construction with corrosion resistant all SS interior cabinet, shelves, supports and air plenum and external with MS powder coated (STD model) SS with dull smooth buff (GMP model) insulated with 3” thick glasswool insulation.
  • 2 nos. Chamber blowers to achieve uniformity of conditions throughout the chamber under stacked conditions as required by ICH Guidelines.
  • Refrigeration system with CFC Free compression and R 134a eco-friendly refrigerant with time delay, overload protection and state-of-art by pass system for long term reliability.
  • Heating System with ‘U’ shape SS Nichrome wire embedded air heaters to minimize temperature lags and provide rapid response to controllers demand.
  • Non-condensing type of humidity is produced with controlled vapour injection system, reservoir tank and water level control.
  • Precise control of temperature and humidity by using CE approved microprocessor based PID controller (UK make) with non volatile memory with printer interface / PC interface for record generation.
  • Long time stable maintenance free capacitor type humidity sensor with direct % RH indication.
  • A dedicated safety controller to cut off the supply giving visual and acoustic alarm having potential free output in case of overshoot / undershoot of temperature and low water level for humidity system.
  • Fast recovery for set conditions within 5 minutes in case the door is kept open for 30 seconds.
  • Adjustable height of shelves to stack multiple height samples.
  • Stand by humidity system.(for all models)
  • Stand by refrigeration system available as optional for continuous uninterrupted operations.
  • Complete with full view inner glass door, door mounted on special hinges and
  • Latches with lock, SS removable perforated trays, chamber tube lights and castor wheels.