Designed to wash a diverse range of containers in glass, plastics etc., Our Rotary Bottle Washing Machine is extensively used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, ink, cosmetic, distillery and other allied industries.

Special Design Features

  • Operates on the rotary principle. Upper platform with bottle moves. Stationary washing nozzles.
  • Manual loading & unloading.
  • Pre-set washing sequences with recirculation arrangements.
  • Two bottle holders in one line instead of four for easy loading & unloading.
  • Bottle holders designed to accommodate containers with varying neck diameters.
  • External washing facility.
  • Multi-point rotary valve to regulate timing and sequence of various washing media suit specific requirements.
  • Supplied with two SS tanks (75 ltrs. Capacity each) and two SS Monoblock Centrifugal pumps, pressure gauges and control panel.
  • SS body to prevent corrosion.
  • One insulated tank with electric heaters or steam coils.



In keeping with its tradition, We now offers our time tested LINEAR BOTTLE WASHING MACHINE in the re-engineered version which is the perfect blend of latest technology optimum automation and economy. The elegantly designed operation ensure through cleaning of the bottles from inside and outside the wash sequence is flexible and ensures bio-load reduction for perfect validation. Custom made systems are offered at bottle loading and unloading points to suit the layout and flow of material.

Salient Features

  • The washing and drive zone are distinctly separated to prevent leakage of water into electrical.
  • Six wash stations with stationary spray nozzles to give three liquid and three air washes as also two external washes.
  • No bottle No wash provision at inlet.
  • Unloading platform provided with bottle positioning mechanism.
  • Total process synchronization is achieved with the help of PLC which can also regulate the wash time as and when required.
  • The machine is provided with two pumping stations consisting of two pumps and two tanks of 75 liters capacity each provided with float valves and LLC, FRL unit for compressed air with pressure control unit.
  • The machine is suitable for washing 30-240 ml Round shaped balanced glass bottles with separate change parts for each size.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of bottles, avoids human touch.




1. Design Purpose : Storage / Mixing.

2. Type : Vertical.

3. Capacity (ltrs) :
a. Working : 3000/4000.
b. Gross : 3300/4500.

4. Material Of Construction :
a. Shell : SS 316.
b. Jacket : SS 304.

5. Working Pressure (Test Pressure 1.5 times the Working Pressure) :
a. Shell : 2.0 kgs/cm2.
b. Jacket : 2.0 kgs/cm2.

6. Space Between Shell & Jacket : 40 mm.

7. Lugs & Legs (Bolting Type) : 4 Nos.
a. Material : SS 304.
b. Legs Round Flange to be provided with 4 Nos. Holes.

8. Stirrers:
(i) Turbo for Mixing Tank :
a. Speed Single Speed.
b. Mechanical seal cartridge type double acting mechanical seal with flow switch for cooling.
c. Surface TC/TC.
d. RPM 1440

(ii) Propeller For Syrup Preparation :
a. Speed Fixed.
b. Mechanical seal cartridge type double acting mechanical seal with flow switch for cooling.
c. Surface TC/TC.
d. RPM 960.



A world class machine with record performance and new aesthetics, our Monoblock Volumetric filling and sealing machine is an engineering marvel accomplished by virtue of rigorous R & D, Competence, Experience and Commitment to industry. After all we pioneered packing machines four decades ago.

Salient Features

    • Fault diagnosis like
      - No liquid in reservoir
      - No cap
    • Indication of line speed
    • Liquid level controller to operate pump automatically
    • Cap Sensor for hopper operation
    • No bottle No filling
    • Indication of over load
  • Low maintenance cost, Critical parts like Cams, Shafts etc. are made of special material.
  • Capping height motorized for automatic bottle height setting.
  • Rugged structure with S S cladding.
  • Filling of 10 ml and upto 500 ml can be offered with different sets of syringes.
  • Tightening of pre-threaded caps is also possible with change of capping of heads.
  • Variable frequency drives for main machine and conveyor for different speed Combination and facility of memorizing these speeds. Using friendly operation of VFD's.
  • Castors for convenient movement.
  • ROPP Capping of Pet Bottles also possible.
  • GMP cabinets with anodized Aluminium & Acrylic Structure.


  • Screw Capping head instead of ROPP head.
  • Head suitable for Press fit Caps.



In Automatic Liquid Filling Machine, the containers are unscrambled on a Rotary Turn Table and transported to the machine on a conveyor. The containers move to the filling station, where the liquid is dispensed using nozzles. A precision centering arrangement incorporated on the nozzles, allows its free movement in the containers.

A "no-container no-fill" arrangement, switches off the machine, thus avoiding spillage of the liquid. The machine operates on the volumetric principle, for which syringes are provided. The reciprocating movement of the syringe piston is achieved by an eccentric block.

The syringes incorporate a perfectly engineered suck-back arrangement, which avoids drippage. In addition, the filling nozzles are diving type and liquid is dispensed during their downward to upward motion inside the container. Hence no foam formation or spillage of the liquid occurs. Specific volume adjustments can be done by either increasing or decreasing the eccentricity of the ram shaft. Syringes can be interchanged to fill volumes ranging from 3 ml to 1000 ml at one stroke.


  • No container - No fill arrangement.
  • Filling nozzles are diving type, Hence no foam formation and spillage of liquid.
  • All parts in contact are made of stainless steel and according to the latest GMP norms.
  • Low noise level. Lower Power Consumption.
  • Fill volumes from 3 ml to 1000 ml at one stroke.
  • Container stopping arrangement ensures that the liquid is filled properly in the container.
  • Conveyor belt height is adjustable from 800 mm to 880 mm.
  • Volume adjustment can be done easily.
  • Easy erection and commissioning.
  • One attendant required to monitor the machine.



In Multi Head ROPP Cap sealing Machine, the containers are fed into an infeed star wheel via an infeed screw synchronizer, thus bringing the containers into the main rotating turret where the body and the neck of the containers are positioned. The capping heads rotate along with the main turret and perform the capping operation. The containers are than fed out of the machine by an outfeed star wheel.

A “non-container no cap” arrangement is provided and the sealing is done in a programmed roll on movement. Accurate positioning of the caps is done mechanically by means of a rotating disk to direct the caps correctly into the chute. When the chute is filled-up the rotating disk drive is disengaged. Hence, no damage is done to the caps.

Changing of the cap size is very easy, enabling even unskilled personnel to execute the job. The rotating disk is mounted on top of the closing turret ensuring that height adjustments for the containers are done accurately.


  • No container - No cap arrangement.
  • Negligible rejections, as pressure on the caps are pre-adjusted.
  • All parts in contact are made of stainless steel according to the latest GMP norms.
  • Low noise level. Lower power consumption.
  • Less particle generation because as soon as the chute is filled-up, the rotating disk drive is disengaged automatically.
  • Adjustable conveyor height from 800 to 880mm.
  • The sealing is reliable and effective.
  • No need of foundation, hence erection and commissioning is done easily.
  • Only one attendant required to monitor the machine.




This is a fully automatic Bottle Labelling machine with conveyor belt system designed to label cylindrical containers of various sizes and suitable for high speed inline packing operations. The speed is controlled by a wheel on the machine.

  • Movement of the bottles is timed into the machine by a feed worm screw fitted near the entry to the labelling mechanism. A guming film is first formed on the glue cylinder which provides a thin uniform film on the rubber roller. The label stocked on the oscillating label magazine are gummed one by one and are picked up by the vacuum drum. Before the label is picked, it is automatically printed with batch no. and date by means of an oscillating printing device with ink roller.
  • The gummed labels are transferred to the incoming bottles which rotate as they pick up the label from the vacuum drum.
  • A pressing belt arrangement presses the label to stick properly and uniformly.
  • A unscrambler unit is provided on the incoming side.
  • It is provided with a stainless steel top, and the body is painted in grey enamel paint elegantly finished.


  • Fully Automatic Gumming and Labelling.
  • Round the bottle labelling for cylindrical containers only.
  • Mechanical conveyor belt with turn table.
  • No bottle-No label arrangement with magnetic locking system.
  • Label size up to 120mm(L) x 90mm(H), from vials to 450ml bottles.
  • Output 50-150 per minute adjustable.
  • Built in printing device.



Inspection Table consisting of a tubular structure with a moving belt to carry the bottles, from the Capping Machine for inspection and then for onward transmission to the labelling machine. A lighting arrangement is provided by means of a Sunmica hood arranged over the table. Black and white partition is provided for visual inspection. The belt is provided with a independent drive mechanism consisting of 0.5 HP Remi make TEFC Motor coupled with a gear reduction system, variable speed drive and starter. A stainless steel belt provided at the center of the table brings in the bottles which are automatically bifurcated for two operators sitting on the opposite sides. There is sufficient space provided for collection of bottles for inspection. The inspected bottles are kept back on the moving belt in the center, which transports the bottles further to the labelling machine.